Monday, March 7, 2011

Liver, Anyone?

I have Two customers sitting at the bar. One customer is eating a Liver and Onion dinner and the other is simply drinking a beer. When I ask the lady eating her Liver "hows the Liver?" The guy drinking replies " Its great." You can imagine the look on my face! Ah, Life as a Waitress!

Running Circles

It's funny how in every restaurant I've worked in theres Always the older server who insists that they are the best and they can "Run Circles around us young ducks." I remember being so annoyed by this and thinking "Yeah Right." Now that I am an older server I know I am the best and I really can "Run Circles around these young ducks." Ah, Life as a Waitress!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It Never Ends....

Oh yes, a day off does not mean you will be able to relax. It means that you will get a break from employees and be able to juggle 5 plates in one hand while tripping over the dog and dodging the kids on the way to your own dinner table. Ah, Life as a Waitress!